How & Where to Sell Your Art

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I left college with some art skills and no skill at selling. Over the year's, I have learned a few things that I will share with you guy's that have decided to go down the path of ART.

(These are only guidelines, you can find more information on YouTube)

Everyone love's art, whether it be paintings, game's or movies. You would think selling art is easy, the internet has over 3.4 billion users so that's a big pool of people. The trick is being seen by people looking to BUY art. Here's the step's you should take to be seen by people who love and buy your kind of art.

  1. Create accounts with the most used platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Behance, Tumblr (Create a PAGE dedicated to your art on Facebook, pages allow you to add your Services and add your prices.) Join the art groups that have been set up on Facebook for COMMISSIONS.

  2. Write a good bio on your accounts that explain the type of art you create.

  3. Upload your posts using relevant hashtags. Hashtags (#) help people find you, so use tags that relate to your art e.g #Skulls #Flowers #Painting #DigitalArt #OilPainting

  4. Share your posts to groups dedicated Art Commission's on Facebook, be friendly and put your prices on the posts. eg HERE

  5. Follow other artists, you can learn a lot from them and they always give you more inspiration to create more.

  6. Find local craft fairs, these are a great way to find connections and sell.

  7. Create eye-catching business cards, leave them in places where you know they will be seen.

Taking Payment's I stake payment's through PayPal, it is a secure way to take payments. You can, of course, take payments by hand if they are local. Always take 50% of the payment upfront.

This ensures that you get paid at least half.

There are people out there that will have you work for them and never pay you, it's sad but it's true. You have to protect yourself. Pricing your art.

I price mine by charging by the hour, other's tend to also charge for their materials. Find other artist's who create similar art to yours, check their prices, that's a good way to start. Once you start making sales. You will need to register as a self-employed business with HMRC. I got help with this through the DWP. They set me up with a business adviser, that helped me write out my business plan and get myself registered. I explained more about this in a previous blog HERE. Here's a little caution; There are mean demeaning people online that will put you down. No matter if your art is good or not, they will always find something to pick on you.

Luckily there are more nice people out than bad ones.

You must ignore these condescending comments. We all have something to learn, don't let them beat you up. Keep creating!


Do Free Commissions.

This was what started off my digital pet commissions, I was able to advertise my free work and then got paid to do more.

Many people will tell you to never work for free if someone asks you to which is true, don't let people walk all over you.

You choose what paintings you do for free.

I chose mine on Instagram, I came across lovely pet photo's that were clear and full of life.

I asked them if they would let me paint their pet and they agreed. I still do monthly free paintings to boost my portfolio.

NEW GROUP If you are looking for someone to paint your lovely pets, then head on over to this new group page where artists and buyers are all welcome! Everything Pets. ♥Pay An Artist To Paint You Pet♥

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