My Journey To Self Discovery

Updated: May 8, 2020

It all started back in the Summer of 2014.

It was a beautiful year full of meeting amazing people.

Some of these people were in my class at Fraserburgh College while I was studying Food & Drink Service. It wasn't my main choice, nerveless I loved it.

The tutors are amazingly kind and helpful.

With me being quite a slow learner, the took time with me to explain things more thoroughly.

My fellow students were always joyful and made my year something to cherish. My time off was spent with 2 friends in particular that I met outside of college. These two people inspired greatly me to follow my dream of being an Artist. So that's when I decided to apply to NESCOL in Aberdeen to Study my 1st level of art. It wasn't easy, it was a challenge but a fun one! I continued on through the years to HNC & HND. Sadly at that time I was going downhill mentally with things that were going on around me that I didn't fully complete my HND and didn't go any further. The lessons I had learned already had helped me in starting my own business with the help of DWP/ Universal Credit. My work coach at DWP suggested that I move onto New Enterprise Allowance along with the help of a business coach to help me get started. I started selling commission services through Facebook. It never cost me a penny. I started with portrait paintings for a man in the USA called Jason Po, another artist that I was so happy to meet as he taught me so much that helped me to continue to make sales. He taught me some new business skills that he has learned through owning his on Tattoo parlours. Sale's sadly started slow down. An old friend of mine that I've known since back in our school days between 2006 & 2008 suggested that I start creating digital art which is what he does best. He makes sales online through sites such as Design By Humans, Tee Spring, The Yetee. So I followed his suggestion and found sites of my own to work on. After watching many YouTube tutorials on how to create T-shirt designs and how to pick a niche, I took a dive and went right into choosing to create designs around things that I love. It was very messy for the 1st few years which are too be expected for everyone, I still had to learn how to write good descriptions which I still need to learn more on this topic. Next was using the right hashtags, they were a confusing little thing to me which I generally thought that they weren't really important and I couldn't have been more wrong. At the beginning, I decided to try working on three different niche's. I called these,

  1. The Gamer's Loft

  2. The Stoner's Loft

  3. Mentally Unstable.

The names pretty much explain the kind of designs that they had. I started these stores on an awesome website called Spread Shirt. They let you create multiple stores and have amazing design tools that let you embed your shops onto your own website if you have one.

My mind was going crazy with new ideas every day. I started to think of another idea that I called Creative Creatures. I worked on this for a good few months but things sadly slowed down because of all the tasks I had given myself. My Creative Creatures were going to become a picture book.

My Stoner's Loft niche has the best potential if I just do thing's right. There is a good market for stoner designs so I will never give up on this one. I started creating what was going to be a magazine, but I have no decided it should be a hardback book.

This book is going to have information on strains of marijuana and the uses they have along with a comic called The Ganja Mite'z. It has took a lot of work to get it as far as it is, I have pages that are free to view on my page on Facebook The Stoner's Loft. I eventually closed my Gamer's Loft Store as it was doing the worst out of the three with only one sale. So I decided to blend my store into Twisted Pneuma. This is my main Alias which all my Social Media pages are named. The designs are still available however in my Design By Humans store MY STORE. (All of my stores are featured on the main page of this website.)

In 2018 I decided to take up Pet Portraits. It turned out to be my biggest seller, it was something I was scared to try for a long time and I'm glad I finally took the leap. I started with free paintings for friends and followers on Instagram which I still do to this day.

And now we come to my CONCLUSION.

Find your own path doing what YOU LOVE. Surround yourself with people who you love and who love you, people who inspire you, who motivate you and you will have already succeeded in life to have those things. Never give up, because as soon as you do, that's when your dream becomes an end.

Thank's Too; Thank's to my friend Scott who has pushed me to keep going through all my up's and downs. He has always been a great friend, throughout the years, I don't know what I would be doing without this man right here -> UnlikelyYuusha He has some great T-shirt design's and also has is own YouTube channel where he reviews games and now help's other YouTubers with reviewing their channel to push them in the right direction! Thank's to the college tutors that taught me a lot of the skills that I needed to get me onto the path I am now, one of which is also a blogger, check him out! -> Malcolm Thank's To Jason Po, the man that gave me my very 1st commission and showed me the ropes, the tattoo artist and band man. Another thank's to Heather, my cousin's wife who is also a very talented artist who has also given me inspiration when I was giving up. And thank you to all of my family and friends that continue to inspire me, I couldn't do it without you!

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