The Isolation Period

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The isolation is taking a toll on everyone, even myself. My life was already uneventful, even more so with the strict rules that are going on right now though I feel like I am handling it better than some. I was going crazy to begin with since my daily routine of being around friends and family was suspended, I took myself back to Netflix and began watching a cool Series called Once Upon A Time. It took a while to find since I am extremely fussy with what I watch now but I am glad I found this, it's a great show and gave me some peace while I figured out what to do in the meantime. I was stuck for inspiration so my art was slowing down, my pet commission sales came to a halt which definitely hurt my pocket, I am sure this is the same for other artists too. I had no commissions coming, lack of desire to create anything for my stores so I took the time to try reworking my website and getting it back up and running which I am managing better than I thought I would thanks to Wix for the opportunity to firstly create a website for free with available upgrades to connect my own purchased domain through 123REG for an affordable yearly price. Like others, I have got stuck in some mobile games. Klondike, a cute farming game that surely passes the time and another game called Thug Life. A friend of mine invited me too it after sending me some free spins and damn it was annoying, I only played so I could blow up his territory. This game sends endless messages to everyone all the time which is a pain in the ***. I even got my father playing it too along with a friend of ours, now we gang up on our other friend because he won't take a truce serious haha. I'm sure a lot of us have been doing some silly spending, I for one ended up ordering a new contract mobile with after two weeks of looking through other websites looking for an affordable deal. I had actually made a mistake in ordering one from another website that was much more expensive and for a phone that was a downgrade from the one I eventually got. (The below picture was taken by a Sony Z2)

I went for the Samsung A70 for £23 a month instead of the A50 for £38 a month from with FoneHouse. I have to say that it is a great phone! It has a sleek shiny design with an amazing screen resolution of 1080 x 2240 pixel's, a 6.7-inch Full HD+ display which is great for watching that series I mentioned earlier! What took me in the most about this specific mobile was the rear camera's, I have never had a mobile with three cameras before.

The 3 cameras are

  1. A shocking 32MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture

  2. A 8MP ultra-wide sensor, f/2.2 aperture

  3. 5MP depth sensor, f/2.2 aperture This is great for those of us who love to take photo's on the go without taking a big camera with us, I even got my father on board and he got the same one!

I had to get a good protective case to ensure my mobile survives any kind of drop so I got the same case as I had for my last mobile, the Love Mei metal case.

It's durable, waterproof, shock-proof and has a honeycomb cooling groove that cools your phone down so it doesn't overheat! This case is heavy-duty, and I do mean heavy!

This blogs Conclusion Spend wisely, I did over a week of research on mobile plans before I made my purchase while making a horrible mistake the 1st time. Don't buy to quickly because a better offer may be right around the corner! Keep in touch with friends & family through social media, games or phone calls & if you are lucky, you can Face Time them!

Find more information on the Samsung A70.

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