Wallpaper Madness

Updated: May 8, 2020

What do you do when you want to decorate and have no money? You improvise!

I got more free wallpaper, people usually throw this stuff out when they have used what they need. So be sure to ask around to make sure no one is throwing out anything you can use.

This quarantine is driving me mad, so I starting to decorate my art space. I did what I can with what I have to add some colour to my living space.

I cut up these roll's that I had and I have to say, I did a bad job. I was cutting by hand because the A4 guillotine that I have was too small. All my pieces were odd sizes which isn't too bad for doing a patchwork wall. Instead of using a paste to stick this stuff up, I used PVA glue so if I decided I didn't like it, I could peel it all off, easy.

I tried to get both halves of the wall having the same kind of placement with the odd one rotated to give it a unique look. I have to say, it took hours cutting everything up and gluing everything down but am happy with the end result.

I still need to set this is up better, my organisation skills are all over the place, some corner shelves might do.

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